Gold Star Chili DORITOS® Nachos


Gold Star Chili?

DORITOS® Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips loaded with Gold Star Chili, tomatoes, jalapeńo peppers, black olives and cheddar cheese, topped with chipotle ranch dressing and sour cream.

Should we keep Gold Star Chili Doritos Nachos on the menu?

Thanks to everyone who entered the Doritos® Nachos Daily Giveaway Contest & Congratulations to our Weekly Winners!

Week 1 Winner: Doug Jenkins Smart TV - Wilmington Gold Star Chili

Week 2 Winner: Josh Valentine Smith iPad - Fairfield/Dixie Highway Gold Star Chili

Week 3 Winner: Jeni Caudill Whitaker $500 Ticketmaster Gift Card - Ridge Road Gold Star Chili

Week 4 Winner: Tommy Taberski Xbox One Console - Hillsboro Gold Star Chili

Week 5 Winner: Stephanie Moore iPad mini - Hartwell Gold Star Chili

Week 6 Winner: Holly Fritts-Benjamin $500 Travel Gift Card - Mt. Carmel Gold Star Chili